Hidden in Plain Sight, 23 works :: The Barlow, Sebastopol, 2017

To some degree, we all struggle within the relationship we have with our “passion” - our reason for being on this planet.
What makes us happy on a cellular level is too often seemingly at odds with our busy lives.
The more I walk this earth the more apparent it is to me. Tapping into which thoughts and actions bring me joy conversely allows me to more fully identify that which I should let go.
I find it similar to the decluttering movement made recently popular in western culture. The act of holding an item in your hands and seeing if you get joy from it (or not) in that very moment can also work incredibly well with less tangible things like a choice, an action, a thought.
What works for our STUFF also works for our psyche. To cut through the din of external voices telling us any number of things; to come to rely on ones own gauge to determine what feels good, what feels nourishing, what feels inspiring.
                   A bit of the same phenomenon of “decluttering” happens when I move through this world viewing the forms around me. I am impulsively drawn to a line, a form or a texture and when I activate the shutter; in essence, I am choosing a distilled image out of the noise of competing visual stimuli.


What is worthy of your attention?

What fuels you on a cellular level?

What makes you feel good?


The answer is Hidden in Plain Sight.