Join us in Santa Rosa! Artist reception on June 5th from 5-7pm
to Aug 12

Join us in Santa Rosa! Artist reception on June 5th from 5-7pm

Joy 2.0

There are many things that can bring us joy in this world. From the mundane to the profound.

You might find it in the pause you take to experience the small cracks in the street, how their darkness intersects with the stark white of a painted crosswalk. The corner of a brick building you pass everyday on your way to work can yield wonder, its jagged texture and the shadow it casts in the early morning sunlight astonishing you with brilliance that stops you in your tracks.

A camera allows me to capture these artful moments of both perpetuity and chance. In and of themselves, visual cues are not profound, what is so for me is the understanding that beauty and art exist all around us even in places we don’t expect to see it.  Form, line, color, texture and shadow are my playful muses and they draw me in. They whisper to me; kind and yes, profound reminders about following my intuition and delight.

With this exhibit, I am focusing primarily on small, textural worlds distilled from the often-labeled mundane. With intricate shadows and angular perspectives, I aim to reveal the unexpected artistry and grace of a world hidden in plain sight.

In Joy 2.0, I come back to these fundamental reflections:

Cut through the din of external voices telling you any number of things.

Instead, you can come to rely on your own gauge to determine what feels good,

what feels nourishing, what feels inspiring.


What whispers to you?


What is worthy of your attention?


What brings you joy?


Sara Downing is a self taught American photographic artist. With visual artist parents, her work tends to reflect painterly and abstract forms. Much of her work has been in portraiture and architecture. Currently, her focus is designing and executing 2 and 3 dimensional photographic image installations for both residential and commercial applications. Though Sara’s full-time artistic career began very recently, she spent the majority of her former work life in the music, event planning, manufacturing, design, and architectural fields. In 2017, she launched her own company, Sara Downing Photography.  She currently lives in Santa Rosa, California.


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